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Finally... the time has come... For us to cheer for our respective teams and burn the midnight oil for priceless soccer matches... Yes... FIFA world cup is finally here... I wanted to blog on this even before the start of the world cup... Anyway, I was a little busy... No matter what, I believe it is never too late as only a few matches have been played so far... You might be wondering what do vuvuzelas and jabulani actually mean... Vuvuzela is an instrument which produces a monotonous sound... very noisy... sounds like flies all around... According to a friend of mine, Jeeva, even players can’t communicate with each other during matches with the presence of vuvuzelas... What an awesome instrument...haha... The tradition of South Africa... Meanwhile, Jabulani is the name of the ball used in this World Cup... Jabulani means ‘happy’ in the African language... Just googled it a few seconds ago... :)

FIFA world cup 2010, South Africa- A tournament that unites fans from all over the world... Some people might consider being in the so called ‘football fever’ as crazy... However, I don’t think so as I can see many positive outcomes from it... In a world full of corruption and war, FIFA helps to unite people of different races, skin colours and religious backgrounds for one cause... Let us not go too far... In our very own family, we can strengthen the bond when we sit for soccer matches and watch them together... Do you think we have much time to spend with each other in this fast paced world??... I can still remember... Long long ago, I read an article regarding a girl on how football changed her life and relationship with her dad in the Readest Digest magazine... Initially, she wasn’t close to her dad at all... It’s like staying under the same roof without knowing what happens to each other... FIFA gave her an opportunity that she needed... FIFA provides an awesome platform for everyone... Even though I love tennis to the max, I still have a never ending passion for this tourney which occurs every 4 years... It’s something special...

My pick... Well, let’s see... If Malaysia had qualified for the World Cup, I might have shown support for my very own home team... Anyway, Malaysia is not in... I’ve been supporting the same team since the very first day I know what football is- ENGLAND... England attracts me in certain ways that other teams do not... Watching England on the pitch is really special... As for club, I have been supporting Man Utd for years... I’ve never changed these two squads since the very first day I started watching football... Anyway, this year, I include Germany in my list as my second choice team as I have some sentimental reasons for it... Germany is an awesome team too... Watching England perform in the first round was not that good... In my opinion, their performance was not that good compared to major teams like Argentina and Germany... England managed to grab a draw with USA 1-1... Meanwhile, the Germans started their campaign with a high note... Beating Australia 4-0... No matter what, my support for the English team will never fade... I hope that they will perform better in the next match... I would like to see em lifting the trophy... Let’s see if it happens... Before I end this post, I’d like to emphasise again that soccer is not just about being crazy and so on... For most people out there, it means a lot more than that... Pick your team now and get on the floor!!! That’s all for now my dear blogy...

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