Author: Vinod Surendiram
•4:39 PM
Hi all, First of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year !!! I know I've been missing in action for a year or more. Many things happened last year that I could not allocate time for my dear blogy... It's been a year since I first stepped in Germany !! Exactly a year!! I know I've never shared any of my experiences here but I have a good news for all my loyal readers (if I do have any)... Im making a COMEBACK !!! ;) I am sure some of you might have wondered if my blog is still alive.. It's coming back alive once again !!! I am glad that I've gotten few new followers last year eventhough I was not active at all... And I am happy to see all the old faces remaining my blog's followers despite of me not posting anything new... Some of my readers prompted me to write something new last year but everytime I wanted to blog, something would definitely come up and I would put the whole thing to rest and postpone it over and over. But not anymore.. I'll be making a comeback soon, soon after my exams!! And will try to keep my posts going!!! Once again, Happy New Year guys!!!
Peace out ;-) Vinod