Author: Vinod Surendiram
•11:14 PM
Finally, after much hesitation, here I am today... My very first blog... Previously, I had a blog in friendster but that didn’t work out well... Then, I shifted to an online diary but that wasn’t ideal either... My friends have always asked me to start up a blogspot or whatever you call it... I once labelled ‘blogs’ as a waste of time... But now, my perception on blogs has changed... I believe it’s never too late... I’ve read lots and lots of blogs before belonging to my friends... Some of them would share their experiences... Some would just use their blogs to condemn or in our Malaysian language, (kutuk) people indirectly and some just post in random stuffs... What about me ??? How is my blog gonna roll down the floor??? My title says it all... A WaLk To ReMeMbEr...

My blog revolves mostly on me and people around me... It’s about how I feel... the latest happenings or whatever I feel like posting in... Why do I call it A Walk To Remember??? Back then when I was in school, I never had the thought of starting up a blog... However...When I stepped into colls life... things were not easy as it used to be...What else can you expect from a freshman like me??? A new environment, being apart from family, new friends and it was a fresh start... I couldn’t share many things with people around me... Hence, the best way is by having a blog of my own where I can record my daily occurrence and anything I’d like to keep track of...

One day, when I look back, I am sure this blog will remind me of bitter sweet memories I went through. I always believe that life is a journey.. a journey full of thorns, tendrils and flowers too... I’d like to remember my walk through the journey of life... Hence, I officially named my blog- A WaLk To ReMeMbEr... People I met, daily happenings, how I felt and so on... It’s all about me and I would post things in randomly when I feel like doing so...Might be often at times.... and might not be often at times... No matter what, I believe that this blog would reflect so many things when I read it back.... and for those of you who are currently reading my post... Thank you very much..  That’s all for now I guess...

PeAcE OuT ;-)
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